RESULTS: (Leg 3) #Cappers4Causes Belmont Stakes Contest & Fundraiser

2016 #Cappers4Causes

RESULTS: (Leg 3) Belmont Stakes Contest & Fundraiser

After five incredible weeks, the 2016 Triple Crown series has come to a close. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes featured three different winners, and we here on Danonymous Racing also saw three different winners during our #Cappers4Causes Handicapping Series & Fundraiser.

Before we get to the contest winners, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this year’s fundraising drive. We are thrilled to announce that through your generosity, we were able to raise $3,334.74!

All of the money raised will be shared by the seven beneficiary charities, which you can find below. We’d like to send an extra “thank you” out to our charity sponsors, who each donated at least $100 to the 2016 #Cappers4Causes drive.


2016 ‘Cappers for Causes Charities and Team Members

Each person below pledged a minimum of $100 to become a ‘capper for a cause.

Team 1. Thoroughbred Retirement Fund (TRF)

Members: Damian Cioni, Mike Spector, Marc Lofaro, Billy Blake, Rob Thompson

Team 2. Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA)

Members: Michael Beychok, Mark DiLorenzo, ThoroBros, Barbara Bowley

Team 3. Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA)

Members: Dan Tordjman, Stephen Lasker, Sal Sinatra, Dan & Peter Gonella, Andrew Calvano

Team 4. Rerun Thoroughbred Adoption

Members: Scott Shapiro, Nicolle Neulist

Team 5. Go and Play Stables

Members: Josh Hanson (founding sponsor)Terri Martin

Team 6. Camp Casey

Members: Steve Zabak, Firehouse Racing Stables LLC., Jason Hart

Team 7. Kids Beating Cancer

Members: Gene Mccluskey, Joe Tartaglia, Bill Starkey, Seth Merrow (Capital OTB)

Danonymous Racing would like to thank our friends at Gallery of Champions for again providing this year’s contest prizes at a reduced rate, enabling us to direct more funds toward our charitable beneficiaries.


As for our Belmont #Cappers4Causes Handicapping Contest, the winner was Drake Rogers with a bankroll of $92.90 for the weekend. For winning the third leg of the contest series, Drake will series a framed Secretariat 40th Anniversary photo and racing program collage, signed by jockey Ron Turcotte.




Additionally, our overall contest leader (combined bankroll for the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont contests) was Brian Leckie with an total bankroll of $177.90. For winning the overall #Cappers4Causes contest, Brian will receive a framed California Chrome 16 x 20 signed by jockey Victor Espinoza!




Check out the full #Cappers4Causes standings below.

First Name
Last Name
Leg 3 Bankroll
Overall Total
Drake Rogers @1kirby12 $92.90 $137.40
Brad Sherwood @brads5258 $84.10 $127.10
Brian Leckie bleck1022 $80.70 $177.90
Tom Galligan tjgalligan76 $78.10 $123.30
michael beychok @beychokracing $72.10 $160.70
Jay G @FairwayJay $67.60 $67.60
Bill Starkey ThruTheBridle $56.80 $84.00
Mike Spector @SaratogaSlim $55.60 $94.40
Steve Kane Horseface51 $52.50 $125.60
Joe d @stogiesNponies $47.80 $47.80
Peter and Dan Gonella @dangonella @PeterEGonella $42.10 $52.30
Jonathan Murrietta @jmurrietta93 $41.60 $158.40
Joe Tartaglia @joet_ontheside $40.40 $130.00
Rob Thompson @drinktrackside $38.30 $126.00
Terri Martin GolfGirlTexas $37.20 $62.00
Steve Zabak kiddzee33 $35.50 $105.70
TY KEEL Tkeel22 $35.20 $134.70
Andrew Rdesinski Phillyboy415 $34.50 $95.40
Michael Muscato @Muscatoracing $33.80 $33.80
Jason hart Hartj2626 $30.70 $99.00
Melissa Bauer-Herzog mbauerherzog $30.40 $122.50
Steve Schaeffer @sschaeffer13 $29.30 $99.10
Darla Cordero @MizPostParade $29.20 $82.80
john mccarthy $28.60 $41.70
Benjamin Vining doubleplay9 $25.60 $91.20
Joe Monforton mofo313 $24.80 $24.80
Terry Monbleau @terrymonbleau $24.60 $44.60
Joshu Taarud @arithedog $24.20 $112.20
Miguel Robinson $22.40 $22.40
Michael Snow @theWynnDough $22.40 $169.40
John Lhotka Cigar_JcL4 $21.90 $55.70
wm pietschman bpiets $21.50 $21.50
Dallas Kingsolver Dallydal51 $20.80 $29.80
Kevin McIntyre Kevin__mcintyre $20.60 $85.80
Seth Merrow Capital OTB capitalotb $20.50 $20.50
Bob McGrath @Flor_horseplaya $19.30 $48.10
Barry "The Sniper" Spears @UrbnHandicapper $18.20 $102.00
Ryne Olsen @ryne_olsen $16.50 $41.50
Jeremy Kness @sweetkness80 $16.10 $145.00
Robin Buchanan Rblifeisgood $14.90 $35.90
John Gradzki $14.40 $85.60
David Rogers @drog2442 $14.30 $38.50
Julia Ferreira @mysignaturem0ve $11.10 $27.10
Denise Woerly Dmw_3747 $11.10 $11.10
Bruce Williams @shamanalix $11.10 $27.30
Jason Wood @thepaddockview $10.00 $50.20
Tony Monjure @Monjuret $10.00 $10.00
Ryan Dickey @rdickey249 $9.40 $94.20
Rob Slattery @robslats1 $9.00 $130.20
Jason Bridglal @JasonNYM $6.20 $33.30
Sean Burke Thorobros $4.90 $113.30
nicolle neulist @rogueclown $4.80 $144.00
Kelly Wilden @kellywilden $0.00 $31.00
Crafton Cornett @CraftonCornett $0.00 $107.80

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