RESULTS: Illinois Derby Challenge – Contest & Fundraiser


Illinois Derby Challenge

Contest & Fundraiser


It was an action-packed Saturday with some great stakes races from coast-to-coast. To celebrate the day – and to support a worthy cause – we collaborated with Nicolle Neulist (@rogueclownto present the “Illinois Derby Challenge – Contest and Fundraiser”. We asked you to donate a minimum of $10 to Galloping Out to participate in a fun handicapping contest featuring many of Saturday’s big races! We thank everyone who joined in, played and supported Galloping Out.

As for the contest portion of the challenge, our old friend Kenny Schmitt ran away with it. He hit nearly every race and racked up a bankroll of $98.40. For his powerful effort, Kenny won a signed 16×20 of 2002 Illinois Derby winner – and eventual Kentucky Derby winner – War Emblem! Congrats to Kenny and thanks again to everyone who played.


See below for complete standings.

First Name
Total Bankroll
Twitter Handle
Kenny $98.40 @FBWinners
Christopher $78.20 @browch05
Dan $46.80 @DanonymousMan
John $46.20 @theyreoff
Ryan $43.60 @rdickey249
Paul $41.20 @vapaul67
Drake $31.60 @1kirby11
Mark $27.80 @hosehead20
Maureen $27.20 @maureenann55
Robb $21 @rhoule1515
Julie $20.40 @reddogcw
John $18.00
Jim $16.80 @jsherman77
Joe $12.00 @joefurlongo
Miguel $11.20
Rob $10.60 @rebsports1
Sheri $6.20 @gofilly
Jason $6.20 @Joltman1974

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