RESULTS: Coast-to-Coast Handicapping Contest & PDJF Fundraiser

RESULTS: Coast-to-Coast Handicapping Contest & PDJF Fundraiser

In Partnership with Firehouse Racing Stables

Sunday, April 11, 2016

It was an incredible weekend of racing and is extremely excited to report another successful fundraising drive for the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, in conjunction with our “Coast-to-Coast Handicapping Contest” in partnership with Firehouse Racing Stables.

On the fundraising side, participants helped us raise $2,000 for the PDJF. You can view the fundraising page and continue to donate by clicking on this link. We’d like to send a “thank you” out to the more than 100 people who decided to donate. Whether it was $10 or $50, each contribution was a big statement about your support for riders across the country. We appreciate it and we know that the PDJF is extremely thankful for your kindness.

As far as the contest goes, it was contentious affair involving some very talented handicappers. In the end, it was John Massey who topped the leaderboard with a total of $58.20. That was $5.40 better than runner-up Jeff Edwards. Players Peter Signorelli, Richard Johnstin and Zac Coffman rounded out the top five.

Thanks to our good friend Ryan Dickey (@rdickey249) and Firehouse Racing Stables (@FirehouseRacing), we were able to host the contest this past weekend and award our winner with a framed photo of Oxbow winning the Preakness, signed by Gary Stevens!

Signed and framed photo of Oxbow winning the 2013 Preakness Stakes.
Signed and framed photo of Oxbow winning the 2013 Preakness Stakes.



First Name
Last Name
Twitter Handle
John Massey @jtmassey79 $58.20
Jeff Edwards @jeffwards22 $52.80
PETER SIGNORELLI @soulyalater $49.50
Richard Johnstin @tribegov72 $49.00
Zac Coffman @GamblingZac $48.70
Mike DeSmedt @mjdesmedt $48.00
Billy Blake @BillyBlake22 $46.50
Matt Milligan @tracksidejive $45.20
chris wells @chriswells5960 $45.00
Steve Kane @Horseface51 $45.00
Michael Higgins $43.90
Jennifer Latzo @jlatzo $43.10
Joe Wilkins @wilkins63 $41.80
Bob Wenokur @BobWenokur $41.00
Rob Slattery @robslats1 $39.00
Kari Ward @horseflynawall $37.60
Gregory Smethurst @gsmethur $37.50
ERNIE ARNOLD @GarlandTex1 $36.10
Mike Spector @SaratogaSlim $35.70
Mike Spector @SaratogaSlim $35.70
Darla Cordero @MizPostParade $34.50
Brent Keuffer $34.10
Paul Romanelli @PaulRome46 $33.20
Kelly Wilden @KellyWilden $33.20
Tom Galligan @tjgalligan76 $32.10
Doug Bohannon @_SirDougie $32.10
Tom Galligan tjgalligan76 $32.10
Joe Scott @coachjoescott $31.80
Michael Snow @theWynnDough $30.60
Ulises Ossio @Ulioss $30.10
Robert kozik @whoscharile03 $30.10
Brad Sherwood @brads5258 $30.00
marvin allen $29.80
Ramiro Restrepo @ramirorestrepo $29.40
Mark Ayres @tricrowncapper $28.50
Rob Thompson @DrinkTrackside $28.50
Dustin Bailey @Bailey47274 $26.90
Nicholas DAgostino @chef_vegas $26.70
John Lhotka @Cigar_JcL4 $25.90
Bill Starkey @TweetleD $25.90
Robert Ellwood @Ellwood1733 $25.80
David Rogers @drog2442 $24.50
Raymond Sauer @skipsauer $23.60
Phillip Derkowski @Phild333 $23.30
Joe D @stogiesNponies $23.10
Stu Slagle @ovals $22.80
pete jones @peterj1725 $22.80
Damian Cioni dmoney1568 $22.70
Nathan Kenney @nkenney9 $22.50
Melissa Bauer-Herzog @mbauerherzog $22.00
Steve Kessler @skessler11 $22.00
Sheri Riddoch @gofilly $21.70
Mark Robbens $20.80
Howard Chinchuck @Howardchinchuck $20.10
John Bory @Boooooory $19.70
No Name Submitted $19.70
Terri Martin @GolfGirlTexas $19.20
Julia Ferreira @mysignaturem0ve $19.20
terry czubakowski $18.70
Kyle Burton @RacetrackKyle $18.60
Jason Wood @thepaddockview $18.20
Andrew Calvano @SJHorseReport $17.80
John mccarthy $17.80
Steve Pozzuoli @pozzmiester $17.80
Barry The Sniper Spears @UrbnHandicapper $16.70
Bob Coloutti @bobcol $16.70
Cindy Savickas @cinnyrose $16.30
John Piassek @theyreoff $15.90
Chad Pitzer @cpsports $15.90
Benjamin Vining @doubleplay9 $15.90
Greg Kilka @Gkilka $15.90
Andrew Wright @aesdub $15.90
Nick Pomes $15.90
Chris LaPort @alloutdrive $15.00
Dan Gonella @dangonella $15.00
Julie Wright @reddogcw $14.70
John Stettin @jonathanstettim $14.40
Joe Tartaglia @joet_ontheside $13.50
Stephen Lasker @nysteve27 $13.50
Candice Hare @chare889 $13.50
Karla Krakes @karlakakes56 $13.40
Terri Moore @OnlyIKnowhorse $12.50
Ryne Olsen @ryne_olsen $12.40
Scott Bowerman @sbguy1201 $11.60
Joe Bravine @JBravine $11.60
Michael Beychok @beychokracing $11.60
Luis Navedo $11.10
Terry Monbleau @terrymonbleau $10.70
Miguel Robinson $10.40
greg dunn $10.10
Debbi Martin @debbimar10 $10.10
Tom Daniels @team_7x $10.10
Rob Tuck @robby_james_ $10.00
David Gates @dgates3518 $9.50
Paul Nicholson @PaulNic96584828 $9.50
nicolle neulist @rogueclown $8.60
Tyler Gaines @tdgaines $8.00
Drake Rogers @1kirby12 $7.70
William Gotimer @Williamgotimer $5.80
Anthony Colannino $4.20
John Gradzki $2.80
Victor Reyes (Entry Error – No Selections Received) $0.00
Dan Heddle (Entry Error – No Selections Received) $0.00

Thanks to everyone who played and contributed to this effort. Look out for our third annual “Cappers for Causes” Handicapping Contest Series and Fundraiser which will run from the Kentucky Derby through the Belmont Stakes.

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