RESULTS: Chicago-New York Handicapping Contest & Fundraiser

Chicago-New York Handicapping Contest & Fundraiser


Sunday, July 10, 2016

We were treated on Saturday to one of the most action-packed days of racing on this year’s calendar. Some of the best stakes action took place at Belmont Park and Arlington. Those races were the focal point of another extremely fun handicapping contest Danonymous Racing hosted in conjunction with our friend Nicolle Neulist at

To be eligible to win this week’s prize (a photo of Chicago Handicap winner Sarah Sis, signed by jockey Jose Valdivia Jr.) players had to donate a minimum of $10 to  Galloping Out, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides funding for the rescue, care, rehabilitation and retraining off-the-track-thoroughbreds in Illinois.

We thank everyone who played and donated!

As for the contest itself, the winner by a large margin was Anthony Trezza (@youare2020). Congrats to Anthony on having a huge Saturday! See below for full standings:

First Name
Last Name
Twitter Handle
Anthony Trezza @youare2020 $72.40
Andrew Calvano @SJHorseReport $47.10
Stuart Slagle @ovals $43.00
Paul Matties @PaulMattiesJr $41.10
Melissa Bauer-Herzog @mbauerherzog $32.60
Patrick Smith @patorioto $32.30
Nathan Jackson @nathanjack81 $31.50
Miguel Robinson @Feelup1963 $29.60
Jon Hurd @nolagistics $26.90
Robert Ruiz @Vatohawk $23.30
Joe Bravine @JBravine $22.50
Joe Kristufek @joeydakracing $21.40
Richard Stamper @arsignman $19.30
wm pietschman $14.80
Kevin McGinn @Mcginn_kevin $14.40
Stephen Pozzuoli @pozzmiester $13.40
Dan Tordjman @danonymousman $11.90
Rob Slattery @robslats1 $9.60
Drake Rogers @1kirby12 $8.50
Crafton Cornett @craftoncornett $8.50
Bruce Williams @shamanalix $8.20
Ryan Dickey @rdickey249 $7.30
John Gradzki @jegski $5.20


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