RESULTS: (Leg 1) #Cappers4Causes Kentucky Derby Contest

2016 #Cappers4Causes

RESULTS: (Leg 1)Kentucky Derby Contest 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


We have kicked off the 2016 Triple Crown series with a bang! Thanks to so many amazing supporters, donors and sponsors, we are thrilled to report that #Cappers4Causes has already raised $2,582 for seven charities during our 2016 drive. The fundraising will continue through the Belmont Stakes. PLEASE continue to support our efforts. Last year, we raised more than $4,000 and we hope to surpass that number this year.

You can find more information on #Cappers4Causes and how to help by clicking here. 


As for the contest portion of #Cappers4Causes, our first leg (Kentucky Derby Contest) attracted some big names, including professional handicappers like NHC Champion Michael Beychok, Barry “Sniper” Spears, Barbara Bowley and many more. In the end, it was Michael Snow (@TheWynnDough) who captured the Kentucky Derby #Cappers4Causes Contest crown.

For winning the contest, Michael will receive a framed 16×20 of American Pharoah winning the 2015 Kentucky Derby, signed by jockey Victor Espinoza.


Full results are listed below. Remember to join us for our next two contests on Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes day. Each contest will be played for individual prizes but totals for all legs will be counted toward a grand prize at the end of the contest series.


First Name
Last Name
Twitter Handle
Michael Snow @theWynnDough $141.80
Rob Slattery @robslats1 $95.40
Jeremy Kness @sweetkness80 $84.00
Crafton Cornett @craftoncornett $80.40
Barry "The Sniper" Spears @UrbnHandicapper $79.20
Joe Bravine @JBravine $79.20
Melissa Bauer-Herzog MBauerHerzog $77.60
Sean Burke Thorobros $76.00
Rob Thompson @drinktrackside $72.00
Joe Tartaglia @joet_ontheside $71.80
Brian Leckie @bleck1022 $69.20
Ty Keel Tkeel22 $66.00
Joshua Taarud @arithedog $65.20
Michelle Yu @themichelleyu $64.00
Jason Johnson Joltman1974 $62.20
Jonathan Murrietta @jmurrietta93 $61.00
Michael Beychok @beychokracing $59.80
Ben Vining doubleplay9 $53.60
Andrew Rdesinski phillyboy415 $50.40
nicolle neulist @rogueclown $48.80
Kevin McIntyre Kevin__McIntyre $48.40
Steve Zabak KiddZee33 $46.60
Jason Hart Hartj2626 $45.80
Ryan Dickey @rdickey249 $45.60
Ulises Ossio @ulioss $44.40
John Gradzki $43.80
Thomas Pierce @tpierce625 $41.20
Tom Galligan tjgalligan76 $40.60
Steve Schaeffer @sschaeffer13 $39.40
Robb Houle @rhoule1515 $37.40
Mike Spector @SaratogaSlim $33.20
Eric Kords @DerbyTalk $32.00
Sal Sinatra @sinatra_sal $32.00
Linda Dougherty @PaThoroughbred $29.80
Mark Boyle Oboylerules114 $27.80
Jeff Edwards jeffwards22 $27.80
Jeff Edwards jeffwards22 $27.80
Darla Cordero @MizPostParade $27.40
Bill Starkey @thruthebridle $27.20
steven Crayne @GAHorseracing $26.40
Maxim Tordjman $24.40
Barbara Bowley portiasophia $23.60
Matthew Pappis @MPappps $23.00
Ryne Olsen ryne_olsen $22.80
Kelly Wilden @KellyWilden $20.40
Terry Monbleau @terrymonbleau $20.00
Justin Nicholson @justinthenich $18.80
Drake Rogers @1kirby12 $17.40
Dan Heddle @danheddle $16.40
Bruce Williams @shamanalix $16.20
Julia Ferreira @mysignaturem0ve $16.00
Kevin McGinn @mcginn_kevin $16.00
Brad Sherwood @BradS5258 $15.20
Jason Wood @thepaddockview $14.60
Ray Warren @RMW_2 $14.00
Steve Kane Horseface51 $13.40
Debbi Martin @debbimar10 $13.40
Damian Cioni Dmoney1568 $12.20
Julio Guidi Julioguidi2 $12.20
Kari Ward horseflynawall $11.20
Mike McEntire @gorgonzola44 $10.20
Peter & Dan Gonella $10.20
Robin buchanan Rblifeisgood $9.00
george sterry $9.00
Marc Lofaro @theolballcoach1 $9.00
Marc Lofaro @theolballcoach1 $9.00
David Rogers @drog2442 $9.00
Dallas Kingsolver Dallydal51 $9.00
Billy Blake BillyBlake22 $7.40
Bob McGrath @Flor_horseplaya $6.00
Mark DiLorenzo @markdilojr $6.00
Zack Gillham @zgillham $5.40
John Lhotka @cigar_jcl4 $4.80
Bob Ellwood ellwood1733 $4.80
Andi Hosler Andimiche11e $4.80
Jason Bridglal @JasonNYM $4.80
John Edwards @Johneweb $4.80
Stephen Lasker @nysteve27 $4.80
Lisa Frieze LisaF713 $4.80
Sean Alvarez Smoothturn2 $4.80
Joe @stogiesNponies $0.00
chris wells @chriswells5960 $0.00



Danonymous Racing would like to thank our friends at Gallery of Champions for again providing this year’s contest prizes at a reduced rate, enabling us to direct more funds toward our charitable beneficiaries.

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