Bad Beats — “Check Your Tickets,” Written by Frank Eoste

“Check Your Tickets”

I used to play Twin-Tris & Tri-Supers at greyhound tracks. Never bet a lot. One day in the Summer of ’96 at PBKC (Palm Beach Kennel Club) in West Palm Beac,  I liked the 2nd half of the TS a lot. I bet  $72 on 1st half but ended up with only one exchange ticket. That meant I had to hit the 2nd half straight.

After much pacing, I had figured out how I was going to play my 4 dogs. I write it down and go to the window with about a minute left. There was a gentleman behind me so I didn’t look at the ticket the teller had handed me. I just put it in my pocket and  gave the wife the paper I had written my straight super on. We walked off to the fence to watch to the race.

All the way around, my dogs were running 1-2-3-4. When they crossed the finish line my wife jumped up doing the happy dance! I told her we just won $54K. We went upstairs to the IRS window. With a big smile I handed the ticket to the teller. To my surprise, he said “no good.” The original teller had transposed my last 2 dogs and the ticket was worthless.

I was very mad at the teller who had punched my ticket. I walked straight to her window. I remember she nodded her head and pointed to the sign that said “Check Your Tickets”. Now, I am really mad. But even though I didn’t want to admit it at the time it was my fault for not paying heed to the “sign.”

After that, I would always get in the line at the 5 min mark and take a little extra time to check tickets. I would find  a teller I like and try to use that window exclusively. Some tracks had minimum bet windows also. In retrospect it was only a $72 wager and I got that back on the exchange. Yet, I haven’t let it go!

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