Kentucky Oaks & Kentucky Derby Picks – BEST $25 You’ll Ever Spend

If you rely on for handicapping, analysis and picks, you know that everything is usually provided absolutely FREE of cost! A lot of work goes into analyzing races, coming up with selections and writing up race summaries for full cards day after day.

However, there will be a very small, competitive and reasonable fee for’s Kentucky Oaks & Kentucky Derby selections. What you’re paying for is years worth of handicapping experience and months worth of analysis of the horses who will be running on Oaks/Derby cards. We hope you’ll join us and look forward to crushing the races with you this weekend.

Pricing is as follows:

Kentucky Oaks Card Selections: $10

Kentucky Derby Card Selections: $20

Kentucky Oaks & Derby Card Selections Package: $25

If you’ve been using our FREE picks in recent months, you know we’ve had some incredible success. As recently as last week, we hit $1,000 Pick-5 (for 50 cents) at Keeneland going just a few horses deep in a few races and singling others listed in selections!

To order picks, simply send an email to We will reply with details on how to complete the transaction.

Thanks and good luck!

Note: Please be aware of’s terms of use and disclaimers, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Picks and analysis prepared by are merely opinions based on subjective analysis. Picks do not guarantee any successful outcomes whatsoever. Selections should be used to guide your strategy to playing the races. Where legal, all wagers are made at your own risk and should be made responsibly. assumes no responsibility or liability for any losses incurred on wagers independently made by people who utilize selections.

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