BLOGS: A Flying Start and Finish, Rehoming Horses at Flying G

BLOGS: A Flying Start and Finish — Rehoming Horses at Flying G

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Written by Kaylee M

Scott and Sharon Bowerman, along with their trainer Patrick White make up the Flying G Racing Team. This team does some amazing things. Though not alone in the practice, they’ve committed to rehoming their Thoroughbreds – once their careers at the track have ended – at their farm in Grass Lake, Michigan.

Since launching the racing stable in 2011, Scott has made his horses lives “after the track” a top priority.

“As animal lovers and knowing that we could not or did not have a place for them to go after racing, it only made sense on a personal and business level to let them become winners on the track and off,” Bowman said. 

Though a small stable, Flying G has a big heart for its horses. The people on the team are astounding and their love for the animal shines through during every stage of their horse’s journey. It is indeed bittersweet when one of their horses is sent off to begin a new career.

“They all have a special place on the track and in our hearts,” Bowermain said. 


Flying G 2
Money Mo Money, a former Flying G runner  in the winners circle and in her new career following her retirement.

“We have had 11 (horses) in total with five still being on the track. The rest have gone on to live a variety of lifestyles, and we’re still happily involved in all of their lives except for one.”

Trainer Patrick White and Queen Kitten
Trainer Patrick White and Queen Kitten.

Among their horses who have moved on to other careers after racing are Nan Cee, Alleyjabber, Money Mo Money and Mavata. Nan Cee and Alleyjabber are pleasure horses and low level jumpers, Money Mo Money is a broodmare for hunter jumpers, and Mavata is a trail horse.

Scott compared seeing their horses initially going onto the track t0 watching a child go away to college. Once they leave the racetrack, it is as if they’ve graduated.

“It is far more fulfilling than any track rewards, the true MVP’s of the sport are the OTTB owners and friends of the horses.”

Owner Scott Bowerman and Voynich.
Owner Scott Bowerman and Voynich.


Bowerman believes that there are many things that all owners, at all levels, can do to help. Ultimately, the goal should be to ensure the best possible life for every Thoroughbred, once their racing career has come to an end. That responsibility, Bowerman said, is shared by all. 

“As for rehoming, I think the people on lower levels of ownership, may be held more accountable. Maybe the high end owners, earnings wise, should take care of their own and give a small percentage to help the sport and the low end owners,” he said.

Horses currently in training for Flying G.
Horses currently in training for Flying G.

Scott added that since all of their horses go to homes after they are done racing, Flying G is always looking for new owners for their horses.

If you think you’d be eligible to rehome any of their horses, do not be hesitate to visit the Flying G Racing Facebook page, or visit their website at!


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